My Shrek Moment

On forgiveness… It came to me in a strange dream last night. I was quite literally in the bridge scene from Shrek (my dream camera was POV…was I Shrek?) sans Donkey. You know what part, when they’re daring across a lake of lava on a flimsy plank bridge trying to rescue Fiona’s ungrateful ass. I […]

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Consistency is K E Y

Its never too late to begin again. Summers in college don’t directly equate to universally more free time but I’m not going to lie and say that’s not my circumstance. I can breathe right now. By breathe, I mean I’m not spinning 100 mph daily on heavily creamed iced coffee and anxiety driven motivation. I […]

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No Present Left Behind

Ido this unhealthy thing where I zone out of present moments and dread over the future. Okay, its not always –dread–, sometimes its a lusty vision. An idealized vision of myself existing in an idealized environment with idealized people and idealized things. That’s what I like about the future; you can be anything in the […]

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